Innovating care for people with multiple chronic conditions in Europe

On March 22, 2016 the final symposium of the ICARE4EU project took place in Brussels with approximately 80 participants from all over Europe. It was an important event to present the results for people who are interested in the care for people with multimorbidity at local, national and EU level. Unfortunately, this event was overshadowed by terrorist attacks elsewhere in Brussels directed at innocent people.

The circumstances in which the final ICARE4EU symposium took place have made it an event which will not easily be forgotten. We are happy that we have been able to complete the programme as good as possible, without denying the events taking place outside. We want to thank all participants who attended the symposium and contributed to the success of this day, in these difficult circumstances.

To get an impression of the symposium, click here. You can find the presentations of the speakers here.

The ICARE4EU consortium

The ICARE4EU project wants to improve the care for people suffering from multiple chronic conditions. An estimated 50 million people in Europe suffer from such conditions. The complex health care problems of these patients and their need for continuous and multidisciplinary care poses a great challenge to health systems and social services. But also from a patient perspective, improvements in for instance the organization of care and the level of their own involvement in the care process are important.

ICARE4EU will describe and analyse innovative approaches in multidisciplinary care for people with multiple chronic conditions currently existing in Europe. By disseminating knowledge about effective and innovative solutions, we hope to contribute to an improved design, a wider applicability and more effective implementation of patient-centred multidisciplinary care for people with multimorbidity.

The ICARE4EU project is financially supported by the Health Programme 2008-2013 of the European Commission.